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When you have teen kids, odds are likely that you (along with them) will experience their sensitive teenage angst about their pimples; which will inevitably show up and destroy their self-confidence. Unfortunately, the vast majority if teenagers will go through this ‘rite’ of passage into adulthood, with some still dealing with it in their adult years…

People generally tend to think that spots are the hardest skin ailments to take care of, probably because it is so prevalent and long lasting. Here are a few helpful ways in which to successfully deal with this very common problem, and hopefully do away with breakouts.

Largely as a consequence of increasing hormone production; throughout your teenage years everything about your body is changing and it is hormones that trigger these changes and make them possible. However, a consequence of these wonderful changes is skin that produces more oil, which is not a bad thing in itself as this protects your skin and also helps to keep it plump and give it that healthy young glow. Unfortunately, certain things exacerbate this and cause pimples:

Clogged pores – Regular cleansing keeps the pores from which your skin oils are excreted to the surface of your skin clean and clear. Cleansing also removes grime and make-up that can also clog the pores.

Exposure to irritants – Products with alcohol or mineral oil in them (skin care and make-up) are not the best for teenage skin; alcohol strips all protective oils from the skin, which then triggers the skin to produce more oils to protect itself and so on…whilst mineral oils work like a barrier cream; so for skin that already has its own natural oil production, this becomes excessive.

You want the products you use to help you to clean your skin of excess oils, unclog your pores from dead skin and bacteria in order to reduce inflammation and redness.

Recommended Teenage Skincare Routine


The solution to improving your skin health is to be consistent in your routine and use natural products that don’t strip your skin’s natural protection and cause excessive oil production or products that stop your skin from breathing and protecting you. Your skin is the largest organ you have and you just need to regularly cleanse it and moisturise it using products with natural ingredients will benefit and help it do its job.

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