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Many people are worried about vitamin D deficiency as it is the only nutrient linked to unfiltered sun exposure.

BEFORE you skimp on the sun protection, arm yourself with the pros and cons and get smart in your choices.

Unlike other nutrients, vitamin D is technically a hormone because it is made by your body (in the skin) as you are exposed to sunlight and is used in other parts of the body. Increasing research into this nutrient is proving its importance in maintaining:

  • immune function,
  • inflammatory response,
  • muscle function,
  • bone and gut health.

Unfiltered sun is the best way to get all the vitamin D you need, however, this is dependent on where you are in the world, how strong the sun is and at what time of the day you get your sun.

Get Vitamin D or Get Sun Damage?

Whilst sun exposure is the best way to get your vitamin D, there is the issue of sun damage to the body. Lack of protection can cause premature ageing, heightened risk of cancer and macular degeneration.

Heard of the saying: ‘only mad dogs and Englishmen play in the mid-day sun’?

That is obviously not the best time to go seeking the sun unprotected. Whilst it has yet to be proven whether protection blocks out the sun completely and prevents the skin from producing the much needed vitamin, it is sager to wear your sunblock.

Even if you aren’t getting enough from sunlight, you can get some of your vitamin D from foods including oily fish such as salmon and catfish; raw mushrooms and alfalfa, beef liver, whole egg.

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