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Founded in 2010, the Company’s story begins in Ghana, where founder, Phyllis Nsiah was born and raised in her early years. Firm in the belief that good health is a right, not a luxury, Phyllis was brought up in a culture where health through the use of herbs was the norm, and skin care was made with 100% natural ingredients.

PhyllisGrowing up as a teenager in London, Phyllis’s career path started with a degree in Applied Biology and human skin cell research. This scientific knowledge combined with the natural health wisdom laid the foundation for the future creation for Botanic Health Care.

Moving into motherhood and out of the laboratory, Phyllis went back to nature’s basics to tackle the varied skin health needs of her family; a mixed bag of eczema, sensitive and normal skin types, all in need of nourishment and hydration. In her kitchen, Phyllis created body washes, moisturising skin lotions and healing balms using pure botanicals that replenished thirsty skin throughout the day.

In Phyllis’s mind, we need to maintain our body and skin health in the same way we use food for energy. With the process refined, every drop of herbal extract and precious oil has a tried and tested purpose in the Botanic Health Care range. Whilst the skincare range takes care of external maintenance, Botanic Body Health helps to take care of what happens internally.