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About Us » Our Philosophy

Aqua Green Gradient Header-PHILOSOPHY

Our range of skincare products have been carefully created to replenish, nourish and maintain your skin.

We provide products that you can rely on to work and are part of your daily routine, all without the high price tag expected for high quality natural products.

Pure Ingredients
All ingredients used in our products are well researched for their effectiveness, and are sourced through reputable suppliers ensuring that every ingredient is of the highest quality. A combination of naturally derived, organic, wild crafted ingredients and pure essential oils are used to restore and keep the skin in balance.

Safe & Effective
Research and development into the efficacy of the ingredients we use means that all ingredients, especially for the body, are sensitive skin friendly, and used at levels that are therapeutically effective to restore and maintain balance to the skin.

Key skin ingredients used at effective levels include:

  • Herbal extracts such as chamomile, yarrow, aloe vera and nettle that are used to aide in the skin’s healing process.
  • Skin nurturing vegetable oils including avocado oil, shea butter, evening primrose and natural source vitamin E that penetrate the upper layers of the skin to continue to heal, balance and hydrate the skin.
  • Essential oils such as yarrow, tagetes, sweet orange, lavender, and geranium that are known to aid the skin’s healing and protection.

We say no
We say no to mineral oils, genetically engineered ingredients and definitely no to animal testing. We prefer to use high quality pure botanicals in our formulations then we test them on people (not animals) for their effectiveness.

Common Sense Patch Test
Our products are formulated for sensitive skin types, it is therefore suitable for all skin types. However, it is always sensible to patch test any product on yourself to make sure it suits you.